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WARP IN TIME… Characters have a life of their own, which the writer needs to draw out. I findĀ a villainĀ for my stories in the funniest places. Use those crazy characters you meet that leave you feeling like, “oh no you don’t.” You can work out your frustrations on paper and nail the villain!!!





If you were able to go back in time and change anything: Would you? Could you?

Should you?

(A GS-14 government agent) Richard Clary is simply going through the motions

of life. He worked hard to reach his present position, but it actually means nothing

without his lovely wife, Kathy by his side. She died of cancer a year ago. He and

his daughter Crystal have struggled to continue without her. Crystal’s best friend

Julia died shortly after at the hands of a serial killer. Rex Mundy, the killer is still

on the loose and free to kill again.

Richard stumbles upon a time-travel object: the Sphere. By accident, he and Crystal

transfigure to the past. An adventure of a lifetime is before them. Actualizing the

opportunity, Richard and his daughter embark on a voyage through space and time

to right the wrong in their lives.

When they do visit the past, the killer is hot on their trail. Together they must

survive and figure out how do you stop a serial killer?

My Idea of Crystal's Gown

My Idea of Crystal’s Gown